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fic: and then there were two - kuixian / kyuhyun - super junior
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fic: resistance (part 2/2) - siwon/kyuhyun - super junior
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fic: resistance (part 1/2) - siwon/kyuhyun - super junior
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fic: A World Full of Siwons: Uncle Andrew Side Story
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fic: the new guy
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fic: yaaaay! - siwon/kyuhyun - super junior
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fic: The Twins
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fic: two brothers and a friend - siwon/kyuhyun - super junior
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fic: castrato - siwon/kyuhyun - super junior
cheshire cat
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fic + art: another fantasy comes to life - siwon/kyuhyun - super junior
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fic: Slip - siwon/kyuhyun - super junior
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fic: second chance - siwon x kyuhyun - super junior
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fic: spellbound (5/15) siwon x kyuhyun - super junior, tvxq
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fic: his best friend - siwon x kyuhyun, changkyu bff - super junior, tvxq
cheshire cat
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fic: M.I.B - siwon x kyuhyun, changmin x junsu - super junior, tvxq
cheshire cat
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LJ Tutorial - Switching from Asianfanfics to Livejournal
cheshire cat

Hello, been enjoying writing fics about us? Or commenting on fics about us? Let’s go to LJ where WonKyu writers reside such as jusrecht, sharl, serpentinesly and many more! It’s where the true meaning of communities exists, and where the mods aren’t playing gods (at least the long running relevant communities are great until now). Professor Choi will ask all the questions you want answered while I, Processor Cho answer them.

Note: This is a guide for WonKyu writers & readers. Of course other shippers are welcome to use this as a reference.

All other information not listed here can be found on LJ FAQ http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/


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Tumblr, anyone? :D
cheshire cat
\^0^ So that my Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator don't have to be buried under a pile of dust.


Happy birthday, Old Man!
Kaoru, you're 36 and HOT. Make sure to keep Toshiya informed about that :D

Birthday spree...is what I wish I can post now. But all I have is a short fanfic (which will be posted at kaoxtotchi comm as usual), an old fanart made for psycho_glam  in thejrockcharity event (thank you for letting me share this here), and a very special something for fellow Kaoru x Toshiya fan: a KxT doujinshi I found in my trip to Japan :D

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It's Sunday already...
totchi perfect
Just a few more days before I will fly to Japan and fulfill my top-of-the-list dream: Watch Dir en grey live. Me and my friend finally managed to pull together a complete trip plan of around 12 days to Tokyo, Nagano (yes, Toshiya's hometown thank you), and Osaka (in the never-experienced-before winter nonetheless!) which includes the 2 days of Dir en grey Nippon Budokan concert *insert hysteria here*. YAY FOR THE UPCOMING FUN and oh hell for our financial crisis after the trip *dazed state*.

I tried really hard to NOT get excited (believe me, imagining Toshiya's sweat is not helping). In fact, I'm almost afraid of feeling excited. You know, the feeling of 'Is this real or am I just dreaming?' and 'What if something goes wrong?'. On the other hand, I have so many things to do before I have to go, including finishing my work >.<

Nonetheless! I'm still eagerly counting down the days :) Please do wish me luck and health!

Time for a new challenge from KxT community
KaoruxToshiya fanfiction challenge

01. Begginings.
02. Need.
03. Tears.
04. Steps.
05. My heart.
06. Drugs.
07. 'This place is crowded, don't you think?'
08. Conversations.
09. Skin.
10. Laughter.
11. 'Nobody breaks my heart.'
12. Party.
13. 'Good Morning.'
14. Obsessions.
15. Decadence.
16. Breathless.
17. Alcohol.
18. 'I fell in love.'
19. Things Change.
20. Eternity.
21. Soulmate.
22. Books.
23. Ten years ago.
24. Truth.
25. 'You look like someone I don't recognise.'
26. Replacement.
27. Agony.
28. 'If only you knew.'
29. Glass Skin.
30. Phone Calls.
31. 'It will always be you and me.'
32. Past Mistakes.
33. Midnight Walks.
34. Happiness.
35. What?
36. Rainy Day.
37. Second Chances.
38. Youth.
39. 'Don't say no.'
40. Cigarretes.
41. She.
42. Mails.
43. Death.
44. 'Don't love. Good bye will always come.'
45. Friendship.
46. Admiration.
47. Breaks.
48. Ends.
49. Writer's Choice.
50. Writer's Choice.

Notes: Will be updated as I finish the fics

3 Wallpapers
Lots of free time + Good mood + Awesome Dir en grey pictures = Wallpapers

1 KaoruxToshiya 1024x768
2 Toshiya 1024x768

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(no subject)
Those Toshiya entries for the Uroboros journal are adorable. Those new Dir en grey live photos are delicious to the extreme. Everyday there are new pictures! Toshiya is just such a fanboy and Kaoru is simply handsome with his hair long. And both of them have the same sticker in their bass and guitar. A sticker of Black Top Motorcycle (the clothing brand belonged to their friend) is plastered underneath their instruments (not on the back).

And I so need to have a Toshiya (or KaoruxToshiya) wallpaper from the new live pics. This one seems to be a good choice for a base picture y/y? :D

Have been planning on this since the base layout was made on thefulcrum. Just now I collected the time and will to do it. Don't ask me why there is a yellow crow or purple cock, I just love colorful things.

And yes, if you didn't notice, they're Dir en grey as birds :) I love animal kingdom.

EDIT: I might as well tell you the story...

Cock!Kaoru fell in love with Robin!Totchi. He's very noisy in declaring his love, scaring the little bird. Since Cock!Kaoru couldn't fly, he's endlessly hopelessly trying to get Robin!Totchi into his trap with small pieces of food. Sadly, just when he was about to catch the little bird, Dodo!Die always came out of nowhere and slammed Cock!Kaoru. Dodo!Die didn't mean to interrupt, he's just always confused. Meanwhile, Owl!Shinya is watching from afar silently, often feeling disturbed by all the noise. Crow!Kyo feels satisfied with watching if not sleeping, but he loves to interrupt Cock!Kaoru's efforts too.

The Day – Happy birthday, Toshiya!

Wish you all the happiness and love in the world. You sure are getting more and more charming as time goes by. I wonder how the hell you do that. Wish I can see Dir en grey live one day, to see you live on stage. Today I present wallpapers and fanarts (mostly KaoruxToshiya) ^^ Enjoy!

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(no subject)
And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like I love someone.

Emangnya sinetron.

fic_cd_mix prompt table

beautiful morning
Internet this morning is really pleasant. Instantly, I was presented with Toshiya's Kerrang! video:

I melted at his awkward way to end the video. I melted at his smile.

And then the translation of the newest Kaoru's Uroboros blog entry came up:

"Lately, Toshi-bou (note: とし坊Toshiya’s nickname. “Bou” is a character that could stand for monk, son, or a person with cropped hair depending on the combination of other characters) has been updating this a lot.

Now, I guess I’ll find something to write about."

The fact that Kaoru is calling Toshiya with that nickname just made me rocketed up to the seventh heaven. Kaoru also seemed to feel surprised that Toshiya, the Toshiya that barely wrote anything in Haiiro no Ginka, actually started to write a lot. With a lot of pictures too. I guess the little tourist inside Toshiya is just too energetic to hide :D

Leader-sama won't lose. Kaoru just had to explain that the reason he hadn't post anything lately:

"This is Kaoru who forgot to bring his digital camera’s recharger and began watching 24."


Btw, last night was a fanart hunt for a lot of pairings. I accidentally came to a Jigyoku Sensei Nube yaoi fansite. Yeshhh. Even though I can't even remember the uke's name.

(no subject)
Ok, someone.

Drag me back to reality and tell me that there is no RAFAEL X LEONARDO in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Just like there is no Ironhide x Ratchet in Transformers.

happiness meme
Tagged by </a>q_harukichi

The rules are:

1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for 8 days without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same (because Eito is the magic number XD)

What makes me happy today:

Reading reviews for my kaototchi fics. It had been a long time since I  last posted fics, so it makes me happy ^-^

Tagging 8 people... picking failed. You can all do it if you want to!  ^_^

in kxt mood...
I finished 4 unfinished kaototchi fics today. It felt great to write again. Now I'm sure that my inspiration was driven away by work and college. Now that college's over and work's tension-free, I can breathe properly.

Now all I need to do is finding a beta reader.

why can't i find the password for uroboros limited content in my uroboros package?
can someone tell me where i can actually find it?

(no subject)
attention, this is my hormones speaking. i don't mean to get mad at anybody, because people's reactions are nothing out of ordinary. after my hormones attack had passed, i would wonder why am i feeling mad at the moment.

this past week, i've crashed my car FOUR times. no, no, no major car crash. i didn't even hurt anyone and didn't have to pay for anything yet.

first, my tire hit a lobby's stairs/levels. luckily no parts of car damaged. not luckily i did it in front of my client, cursing nonetheless.

right after that is the second. looking for the parking lot, i turned the wrong alley since a random dumb person apparently removed the sign. as a result i had to go on reverse... and hit the wall successfully. side bumper scratched.

i was using my mom's car at the third. i swear it wasn't even a poke at the motorcycle in front of me. but the damn driver was glaring at me, and i could see he was cursing at me (of course i couldn't hear anything inside the car). later he slammed the car with his hand and took off while i was left slamming the honk at him. men, their ego, and their nonexistent patience.

the fourth happened yesterday. there are seriously too many motorcycles in this city. after a traffic light, i was trying to turn right. but nooo, not without the chaos of motorcycles who wanted to go straight but staying on the right of my car. at last the front of my car bumped a motorcycle. again of course HE glared at me. no matter how much i hate being glared at something that's more his fault, the more i hate to have to stop and apologize anyway. so i put up my best apologetic gesture from inside the car and he took off. my front bumper was scratched heavily.

my friends said: maybe you were simply driving with eyes closed. or that's because you're always multitasking, sms-ing and phoning while driving, of course one day you will crash.

why no, i was driving with my eyes open. and thank you for being so sure that i will crash. for the information, i wasn't multitasking at all at the four times of the crash.

my mom of course yelled at me. saying how she should pay this and that while she hadn't even have the will to repaint the scratched parts. later last night she told me i should get some rest. i was simply tired the whole week. overtime almost all week, got an event last weekend and still have to take care of my final assignment (little things and procedures). all the while doing it in the state of not-feeling-well-but-not-really-sick.

but no, i couldn't rest yet. the final assignment is still waiting (what's with so many things to take care of when i've graduated already) yet my printer's inks ran out. and i don't even want to think about the work i need to do when i get to the office.

i haven't replied mails and messages. will do so this week.

cutest toshiya

I ran around my room squealing at seeing the first picture there.
And he's wearing his earrings again.

I'm content XD

Graduated :D
Well, not officially graduated already. But I've passed the final trial this afternoon :DDDD There's only revisions standing between me and my graduation on January. It was a DAMN long road. Mostly due to my absence of willpower.

But now, BALI HERE I COME. NDS HERE I COME. BLACKBERRY I wish I can say here I come, but I'm still thinking about it. And of course, all the while I've been rejecting aarinfantasy and LJ. HERE I COME.

Another FONTS video
*back from holiday*

Remember the font conference video I posted some time ago? Well, here's one more creative 'font' video. This one is for commercial use tho, to promote a new font. But it's still so unique!

BraveFont from ilovetypography.com on Vimeo.

(no subject)
You know what's rude?
When you have a pairing takeover, then you say


Maybe it's just cultural difference

Font Conference
This is so precious. The fonts are holding a conference when suddenly, an evil font sabotages. Don't worry, even fonts have their hero! XD

Finished the challenge on jfetish_15 XDDD

Fandom: Dir en grey
Author: bl4ckm4lice
Pairing: Kaoru x Toshiya
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Rating: Varied

1. C for Cure (Theme: 09. Medical Fetishism)
2. S for Smoke (Theme: 14. Capnolagnia)
3. S for Stockings (Theme: 12. Stocking fetishism)
4. W for Word (Theme: 13. Narratophilia)
5. F for Fight (Theme: 15. Salirophila)
6. R for Reflection (Theme: 08. Katoptronophilia)
7. O for Overhear (Theme: 05. Agrexophilia/Exhibitionism)
8. D for Dark (Theme: 06. Amaurophilia)
9. C for Clothes (Theme: 01. Hadaka)
10. V for Virgin (Theme: 10. Parthenophilia)
11. W for Watching (Theme: 02. Voyeurism)
12. F for Food (Theme: 11. Food play)
13. P for Pinch (Theme: 07. Sadomasochism)
14. D for Dance (Theme: 04. Choreophilia)
15. M for Massage (Theme: 03. Acousticophilia)

15 stock icons
innocent_lexys had convinced me to make icons... She suggested stock icons, and I said why not. Mistake much?

*but I do enjoy working on animal pics*


1 2 3

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(no subject)
stolen from justangel