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KxT Coup D'etat Submission - Fic/Fanart/Wallpaper

Title: Our love, Our senses
Author/Artist: bl4ckm4lice
Pairing/Characters: Kaoru Niikura/Toshimasa Hara
Rating: up to PG-15
Disclaimer: na-ah, not mine
Bl4ckm4lice’s notes: My submission for kxt_coup_detat These are a set of fanarts/wallpapers/fanfics. Don’t mind if the fics doesn’t really match the senses themes, because the main works are the fanarts/wallpapers. Oh yeah, proportions mess? I did that XD;
Anyho! It’s beta-ed by Sandy. And akaisora, the theme TASTE is for you =D (hope you still remember… cherries fic?)
inspired by the themes for 5_sense


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Toshiya wrinkled his eyebrows as the itch crawled up his nose like mad. He needed to sneeze, but he didn't want Kaoru to know how cold he felt right now. The bassist himself was the one who insisted to walk their way to Kaoru’s apartment where they intended to spend the night together, saying how nice would it be to walk under the falling snow. How romantic. Romantic his ass. His freezing ass.

Toshiya's unprotected, scarfless neck made him shivered.

Kaoru was absorbed in staring excitedly at a Gundam display in a shop window stall beside the road, so Toshiya scooted away slightly from him and sneezed as soft as possible, so soft that it only sounded like he was snorting.

The young man was about to turn back to Kaoru, but then he nearly jumped when something was wrapped around his neck. Realizing it was Kaoru's scarf, he turned his body around and met Kaoru's deep stare.

"Silly," The older man said, "Tell me if you're feeling cold."

Toshiya's red face due to the cold grew redder due to the stare given to him. "It's not that cold."

"Let's find a taxi." Kaoru finished wrapping the scarf and patted the head of Toshiya, whom grabbed his hand in an attempt to stop him, "No! It's okay—."

"Ssh," Kaoru squeezed Toshiya's hand, and the younger man complied without further resistance.


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

It had a lean curve. A curve that belongs to a man, not the kind of curve any woman would have. The symmetrical curve was inviting. Evoking.

His hand would fit into it. So well.

Kaoru didn’t know why he never put so much attention to it before. He had ran his hands and wrapped his arms around it before, but he never particularly thought that it was that attractive. Why now, when he was watching Toshiya making coffee from the back, he just got the urge to feel the curve so bad?

Toshiya turned from the kitchen counter, having finished making two cups of coffee for them both. He brought the cups with both of his hands, and offered one to Kaoru. Then he noticed older man’s strange stare.

“What are you staring at?” He followed Kaoru’s gaze downward. “Is there something wrong with my shirt?”

“Toshiya,” Kaoru spoke, still with his gaze fixed to his object of interest, “Put the coffee on the table.”

Toshiya raised an eyebrow, but he complied anyway. He bent over and put down the two cups, and before he had the chance to straighten his back up, an arm wrapped around his waist and pulled him towards Kaoru.

Then Kaoru realized it wasn’t a curve that belongs to a man or a woman.

It was a curve that only belongs to Toshiya.

“K-Kaoru?” Toshiya’s muffled voice came from the direction of his face, which was buried on Kaoru’s chest, “What are you doing?”

He stroked the side of Toshiya’s waist, feeling the curve up and down. “You know what, Toshiya,” He whispered with a low tone, making Toshiya glanced up with an adorable blush, “I think you were really made for me.”

Solid yet soft. Long and slender with lean muscles.

And his hands really fitted so right into it.


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

“Um,” he whimpered, “Let me go.”

The man behind him merely chuckled into his ear, and he felt a wave of shiver ran through his body. “I’m not freeing you until I feel like it.”

Toshiya could only submit as one of the man’s hand roamed around his body slowly, teasingly. His other hand clamped upon Toshiya’s eyes, shrouding his view completely, making any senses other than his hearing felt numb. He also felt vulnerable and defenseless, and he knew the man was enjoying looking at him like that.

The pleasure of monopoly. Possessiveness.

Like a beast prying on his prey.

“At least untie my hands…” Toshiya pleaded, “It hurts—.” His words were cut short when he felt a warm wetness enveloping his ear, biting, sucking. He couldn’t stop a moan from coming out.

“Delicious,” The man said, “You taste so good.” His free hand sneaked its way to the front of Toshiya’s shirt, slowly beginning to open the first few buttons. His mouth moved from the ear to the neck.

Lick. Bite.

“Unh,” was Toshiya’s only response other than his arching up body when the man slipped his hand inside the shirt, caressing the smooth expanse of skin.


“You’re enjoying this,” The man continued to whisper darkly as he sneaked his hand further, “I can see you’re getting excited.”

“Kao—mmh!” Again, a moan cut Toshiya’s words as he felt his lover’s hand shifted its attention from his chest to the almost unnoticeable bulge between his legs.

“It’s getting bigger down here,” Kaoru squeezed lightly, emitting another moan from Toshiya. Then he licked Toshiya’s jaw and finally released his clasp on Toshiya’s eyes. He turned the younger man’s face around to face him and said before catching Toshiya’s lips, “My Totchi.”


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My tongue came in, thrusting itself between his tempting parted lips, pushing a small cherry inside.


The sweetness of the cherry.

The sweetness of the kiss.

The sweetness of Toshiya.

How could I not love him?

Our tongues entwined together outside the caverns called mouth, still playing with the round cherry. Our saliva exchanged, and I saw some trickled down the side of his lips. My gaze trailed up to the expression he was having. I would never get tired of this view.

But I know I was about to get a better view. Just after we went further into the play.

And hell yes, I’m going further.


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Kaoru didn’t know how long had he stayed like that on the bed, twirling some strands of Toshiya’s soft, silky dark hair in his hand. Toshiya himself was still sleeping so soundly. The peaceful, innocent expression on his face almost made Kaoru wondered whether the kinky night before really happened or not. But of course, from the musky smell, the strong air of after-sex in Kaoru’s bedroom proved that the night was true.

He leaned forward to breathe in the scent of Toshiya’s hair. It was simply Toshiya’s. It was calming… yet playful. Don’t ask how Kaoru could define the scent playful. It was just like that. Toshiya was just like that, a natural yet out of the ordinary being.

When Toshiya woke up, Kaoru would ask him to live together.

He had been wanting to ask for a while now, but a little part of his heart still felt hesitant.

He was afraid that Toshiya would refuse.

Besides, Toshiya always whined every time he stayed over. He said the apartment was too clean, he said that Kaoru wouldn’t even stop talking about work at home, he said that he had to wake up earlier because the distance between Kaoru’s place and the studio was that far.

But at the time, Kaoru had decided that he was willing to take the risk.

He couldn’t bear to say ‘see you tomorrow’ anymore.

Couldn’t bear to part and spend nights in his bed without the younger man.

He would say that if Toshiya thought that his apartment was not so comfortable for the younger man, then they would make it comfortable. They would make it a place for the two of them along the way. They would have a pair of matching coffee mugs, slippers, and toothbrushes. The rooms would be filled with the atmosphere of their existence. Kaoru’s well-kept neatness and Toshiya’s lively mess.

First thing to see before the morning sun and last person to kiss before saying goodnight.

At least that was what Kaoru was hoping, and he hoped Toshiya want the same thing. He could only figure out the answer after he asked though, and that could only happen after Toshiya woke up.

‘Wake up, Toshiya,’ Kaoru said inwardly, ‘Wake up and see only me.’

Then Toshiya’s eyes fluttered open.

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Tags: challenge, fanart, wallpaper
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